Do I Need a Maintenance Agreement?


Let’s be honest: Is your AC system really going to break down if you don’t have it serviced right now? Isn’t that the same as asking, “Will my car’s engine lock up if I drive it past the recommended oil change?” The answer to that question is “maybe.”

The variables are many in this very broad question. For example:

  1. How many changes have you missed?
  2. Has a leak developed that you aren’t aware of that could cause your engine damage?
  3. Have other maintenance procedures been neglected, like checking and changing belts and filters?

Neglecting these relatively inexpensive services can cause your engine to seize up, and then you have a very expensive fix to deal with. I think we can all agree that regular maintenance will give your car added life and fewer breakdowns, which will ultimately save you money in the long run. Our car is a major investment, and we depend on it to take us everywhere we need to be, so keeping it running is very important.

Your hearting and air conditioning system is also a major investment that you rely on every day. We don’t require it to get us places, but we do expect it to keep us comfortable. And just like your car, your HVAC system has maintenance needs. That is why you should consider getting a maintenance plan put in place.

The Benefits of Creating a Maintenance Program

So, here’s a question: Is having a maintenance program for your HVAC really worth what it costs you monthly?

Here are a few facts that can help you answer that question:

  1. You will have fewer breakdowns involving the more expensive parts of your equipment.
    • A breakdown can disrupt the comfort of your home.
    • Many breakdowns can be avoided with regularly scheduled maintenance inspections and cleanings.
    • Things like dirty coils, low refrigerant, weak capacitors, and dirty air filters all put undue stress on the more expensive parts in your system. Correcting these issues can protect your system from untimely breakdowns.
  2. Your equipment should have a longer operating life.
    • With your system being properly maintained, parts remain in good operating condition.
    • This can extend the life of your system by one, two, or even five years.
    • This allows you to allocate funds to other needs instead of replacing a system years before it should be necessary.
  3. With your equipment properly maintained, your energy consumption remains lower.
    • Your HVAC system is responsible for nearly half of your household’s energy consumption, so getting the most efficient usage from your unit makes sense.
    • Over time, your system loses efficiency. Regular maintenance can slow down the aging process and help the equipment maintain its efficiency rating longer.
  4. You have a better idea of your equipment’s condition, allowing for replacement planning.
    • Time is the enemy of all mechanical systems. They all eventually wear out and breakdown. With a regularly scheduled maintenance program, your technician can keep you informed concerning upcoming problems and solutions.
    • Knowing the condition of your equipment allows you to plan for the inevitable.

Contact Bitter Heating and Air Today!

Just remember that neglect is always more expensive in the long-run than preventative maintenance. The technicians at Bitter Heating and Air can set you up with our Club Membership, and for a small monthly fee ($15/month/system) you will receive:

  1. Priority service over non-member clients (you move to the front of the line).
  2. $75 service fee for residential and $95 service fee for commercial (same for after hour calls).
  3. 10% of all repairs.
  4. 5% off new (installed) complete systems (existing members only).
  5. We call you when it’s time to schedule your bi-annual inspections and tune-ups.

Call Bitter Heating and Air at (225) 500-2035 and see how easy it is to have peace of mind!

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